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Tell us your story...

Please submit your impact stories to help bring the campaign alive. This is your opportunity to tell the public what difference your charity makes and what you do matters and if you need help to keep going. We will promote your impact stories on, our social media channels and other campaign related publications.  


Top Tips
•    This is aimed at the public, so keep it short, engaging and easy to understand.  
•    Formulate a punchy headline by including stats or connect to commonly understood words such as loneliness, isolation, inclusion, happier &            healthier lives, mental & physical wellbeing, connection, homelessness, poverty, independence, equal opportunities 
•    Focus on one support offer or service per post.
•    If you do not have an image to hand, a staff & volunteer selfie is absolutely fine.

In telling your story, include the following:

What support or activities do you offer?

What difference does this make and to whom?

What would happen if your offer ceased?

What support do you need to keep going? (Volunteers / funding – be as specific or as broad as you like – remember to keep it brief)


If you have any questions  or need help please email

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