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#Withoutus some people in Guernsey would not be able to experience sailing

We are a local charity, established in 1988 to make sailing accessible for all local

children. We have since expanded and now offer sailing and powerboating tuition to

all ages. Our Sailability programme caters for those with additional needs. We believe

that learning to sail and powerboat should be accessible to everyone in the Bailiwick.

#Withoutus 2574 students and 105 Sailablity students would not have been able to get

out onto the sea, connect with nature and experience sailing and powerboating. We

also develop our sailors by supporting them through training programmes to become

valuable members of the team including assistant instructors (30), dingy instructors

(28), powerboat instructors (25) senior instructors (10) and keelboat instructors (11).

We also have a number of volunteers aged 10+.

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