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#WithoutUs.... families with a premature baby or critically ill child wouldn’t have a home-from-home next to Southampton Hospital during challenging times. 

Updated: Apr 29

The Priaulx Premature Baby Foundation (PPBF) runs three flats just 100 steps from the grounds of Southampton Hospital, providing Guernsey families with a fully-equipped, private, and completely free of charge space while their baby or child receives off-island medical care. Without the charity’s compassionate housing, parents would experience the additional stress of finding accommodation, in addition to financial pressures and a potential need to travel long distances to visit their little one in hospital. Each flat has been designed with peace and comfort in mind, incorporating reminders of home. Kind donations from the local community enable these properties to remain open and members of the public can ‘Buy-A-Night’ to personalise their contribution.  

The PPBF also raises funds for local hospital equipment to help neonatal staff and creates ‘Baby Boxes’ for parents staying on the Special Care Unit, filled with essentials and gifts. Keeping families together is at the heart of the PPBF’s work, through emotional, practical, and financial support.  

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