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#Withoutus.... members of the public would not have access to free, confidential and impartial advice when they need it most.

Updated: Apr 29

It is our vision that every person in the Bailiwick has access to advice and support to

make informed decisions. We aim to: - empower our clients to make informed

decisions about the problems they face; - campaign (using evidential statistics) for

change in policy and legislation to improve the lives of Bailiwick residents; - reduce our

client's stress, anxieties, and pressure, by supporting them to manage personal debt

and poverty, to have a positive future; - raise sustainable funds to ensure we have

sufficient resource to continue to meet the increasing complexity, improved

accessibility and changing needs of our clients. Helping on average 4,000 clients each

year from the support of 10,850 hours of volunteers time in 2023.

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