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#WITHOUTUS.... the Bailiwick of Guernsey would be a quieter, less colourful place

Updated: Apr 29

Guernsey Arts, established in 2008, has been supporting the development of all art

forms across the Bailiwick. From seeding events such as the Guernsey Literary

Festival and Guernsey Photography Festival to Vale Earth Fair and Beltane, from

creating public art initiatives such as the Victor Hugo Bench and the Market Street

Arches, if it’s an art form, Guernsey Arts are there to support, create and bring colour

to the community. Our small team gives hours and hours of support to artists and

community groups. With our open door policy, we are always on hand to help

creatives reach their full potential. We also understand the financial barriers to

succeeding in the arts and are able to provide support through grants funding or

underwriting events. We actively fundraise so we can reinvest in the arts (including

outreach with other charities and community groups) - we believe that everyone

should have access to enjoy and appreciate the arts. Charities we have supported in

2024 alone include Guernsey Mind, Safer LBG, Guernsey Blind Association, Headway,

The Priaulx Premature Baby Foundation, Heartbeat Wessex and many, many, more. A

rising tide lifts all boats - we wholeheartedly support the work of the Association of

Guernsey Charities and believe that we are stronger together.

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