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#Withoutus thousands of sight impaired individuals would struggle with sight loss in the Bailiwick

The Guernsey Blind Association was started in 1919 after the First World War when

Miss Florence Mary Richards and Miss Phoebe Evelyn Marrs formed a committee to

raise fund to educate on sight loss and also to encourage those with little or no sight

to 'live full and useful lives'. There are no barriers for accessing our services; you can

simply call, email or drop in to our Vision Support Centre. We are here to help anyone

and everyone effected by sight loss and also to support their friends, family or even

employees/teachers. We have a weekly Audio News service for those who can no

longer read the Guernsey Press to listen to current news locally. We work closely with

the Library signposting people to their free Audio Books service. We have a fully

stocked Resource Showroom showcasing the latest equipment and technology

specifically for those with sight loss. We are always here to listen to an individual or

families' concerns and provide appropriate pathways of care. We work closely with

many other local charities to support you in all aspects of your life from employment,

personal care, financially or practically. We also provide free Sighted Guide training to

raise awareness and support within the community. #WithoutUs thousands of local

people would struggle as a result of sight loss with potential social and financial

isolation. We are the only local Charity who focus on all aspects of promoting eye

health and support for all visual impairments from congenital (from birth) sight loss to

age related sight loss enabling everyone to live healthier, happier and more fulfilled


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